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  So often we meet people who come and go in our lives, only to be forgotten and never remembered. But once in a lifetime you meet one person that you can never forget, a person who you can always turn to in time of need and will always give you a shoulder to cry on. On July 9, 1973 the Lord gave us that special person, Leon Russell Benjamin Leasure. He was a loving father, husband, son and brother. 
  Leon battled incredible odds beating a life threatening disease and conquered every obstacle that life put in front of him. His fighting spirit and perserverance has taught us that if you love something so much that it is always worth fighting for. There will be no way to replace Leon, his kind and loving personality, his beautifull smile, his love and passion for music and his everlasting love for his family. All these attributes are rare when embodied in one person. Although we survive him in life, he will remain with us in spirit, for he has bestowed upon us a lifetime of knowledge so we can give on to others as a tribute to all which he has given us.

 This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Leon Leasure. We will remember him forever.



Tributes and Condolences
My Mother's Day Memoires of You   / Mom
Dear Leon A day I remember with a chuckle and a big smile. I can see you walking up the driveway with your specials (wrap in foil) vase, with flowers you picked along the way. Sitting on the counter for a cup of coffee. Sometimes you'd have my favor...  Continue >>
A Day of Blessings   / Mom
Dear Leon Your little brother JR got married 5/08/17 to a beautiful, smart, loving, just an all around beautiful being. The ceremony was at an ocean side and I envision you in a cloud looking from afar with a smile. I saw you standing around with al...  Continue >>
Our son is 17 today.   / Hillary Leasure (Wife)
Its been a while, sometimes I still try to hide the pain of doing this without you. So silly of me but I am only human. Brandon is so amazing!my God how I wish he would have had you longer. There must be such an amazing reason that we had to this wit...  Continue >>
A moment of Love   / Mom
Dearest Leon, Its funny how songs bring such strong memories of you. I remember exactly what was happening that day when I heard you play those songs. Everyone is doing okay, of course you knew that because your our guardian angel. I know you are wa...  Continue >>
Guilt free   / Mom
Dear Leon I had a very troubled day. Mothering is not easy, especially when it comes to your children I cannot take the guilt anymore. I have nothing to be guilty of but this one put it upon me. Either not doing enough or not giving enough. I need ...  Continue >>
Memories Never to be forgotten  / Mom     Read >>
LETTING GO?  / MOM     Read >>
MOMents / Mom     Read >>
A Mother's Thought  / Mom     Read >>
Quiet time  / Mom     Read >>
The Road to forgiveness  / Mom (Mom)    Read >>
Remebering / Johnathan Leasure (Brother)    Read >>
So much to tell you.....  / Johnathan Leasure (Brother)    Read >>
Still...... / Malia Leonard (Baby Cousin )    Read >>
love never dies  / Hillary Leasure     Read >>
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His legacy
He Will Live On...By Johnathan Leasure  

Although he is not with us in body, Leon will remain with us in spirit forever. For his legacy of being a wonderful and loving person will endure thru the love we have for ourselves and eachother. Must we never forget about how much he has given us and thank him for all the precious memories he has given to each and everyone of us. So when you are having trouble coping such as I have, look to the stars and feel the wind blow by and you will feel Leon's presence or look to the clouds and see him up in heaven . I know we will see him someday, but until that time comes I will miss him everyday and shed many tears for times lost.

The Family Man  
Leon, was the best father and husband that any person could ask for. He was the true meaning of what a family man really is. But his greatest love was to his family; Hillary, Brandon and Liam.

Packer Loyalty  

Leon, was a loyal Green Bay Packers fan, no matter how terrible they did, he was always cheering them on. His favorite players were Brett Farve and Ahman Green. 

The Fisherman  
Leon always loved to go fishing, even if he didnt catch a thing he would never give up. One of his most favorite spots was "Tommy Rock" Kapoho.
It was also time to have fun with his boys and family.

The Passion for Music..  
Leon was very passionate about the guitar and his music. With over 10 years of playing the guitar, Leon could play almost anything and any type of music. His playing at parties and gatherings will always be missed...
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Leon's first Ulua
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